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Good, quick reads - Monocle

I've recently signed up to the 'Monocle Minute' and the 'Monocle Bulletin' - two regular email news services put out by one of my favourite magazines - Monocle Magazine.

My husband, who loves the finer things in life, originally put me onto reading Monocle as he would always hunt it down at bookstores while travelling overseas. It became our travel and holiday reading material and was synonomous with the excitement of boarding a plane to some far off place. Sometimes exotic, or sometimes a regular trip across the Tasman.

Range of Monocle publications. Photo - Jessica Podzebenko

Originally launched as a "magazine briefing on global affairs, business, culture, design and much more", the regular publication was intended to reach "a globally minded audience of readers who were hungry for opportunities and experiences beyond their national borders". True to this mission, the magazine is full of quality writing and imagery covering international current affairs, fashion, politics, art, travel and quirky tidbits in between. It really is one of the coolest and intelligent publications out there, satisfying my desire to escape to the destinations and countries its contributors so cleverly write about. One of its seasonal publications, 'The Escapist' appeals to the wanderlust in me and I devour every issue I read.

Yes, you can by it at the local newsagent, but to read it onboard any form of airplane seems to go hand in hand. Now that I travel less frequently, I pick it up at the local shop more often and it transports me elsewhere through its pages.

And now, I subscribe to its daily news service, Monocle Minute, and a slightly more thorough weekly bulletin, Monocle Bulletin, which deliver me information and news I would never have thought to even search for - the element of surprise is uplifting. The Monocle Minute consists of a handful of bite-size news pieces, which are perfect for digesting over a quick coffee, together with a diverse range of radio and film content. Topical stories such as the refugee crisis - but how it is playing out in Africa, combine with more offbeat stories on subjects ranging from mobile furniture trucks, sport and urban regeneration, to the Burmese national broadcaster. A regular business section is also useful for the financially minded among us. Conversely, the Bulletin is a longer, weekly publication.

So if you fancy reading some more decent journalism (aside from this blog!) and being transported around the world randomly every day - then I suggest signing up to the Monocle updates. Or if you spot a Monocle store or cafe on your travels, pop in for a visit.

Check out this growing global media brand at

Note: I wrote this post purely out of love for Monocle - there was no incentive, payment or request by Monocle!

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